I’ll use this page for health updates

March 30      Start  with the  good news The vocal surgery was successful It is wonderful to hold a conversation again, Even sang a bit of Yellow Submarine

Had my second Chemo treatment a week ago They made adjustments to the dose ( a little less ) Skipping this week and next treatment Friday 

Still trying to work thing out with food and sleep and nausea and now getting clogged up

So the big thing is fatigue which gets depressing…trying to fight it but same thing dat after day

Just another 5 months   then we will see where were at….


Scheduled to have my vocal cord surgery Monday @ 11:00 Should be done by 2:00 The surgery itself is only about a half hour

Gained 2 pounds this week for the first time.

Last week they had to cancel the chemo because of my blood count rescheduled for Friday.

The latest is they want to do this process for 6 months now. Seems like every time i Go they have different directions!

Got a very emotional call(for me) this week from Kenny Aronoff. I’v know him since 1987 When I had my first of many lessons He is so inspiring, had so many good things to say. Had ideas about treatment   Lets just say he is a great human being with a big heart!

March 11 2018

First round of Chemo last Wednesday Thursday eve it started hitting me

Don’t want to go into the disgusting details But I was wiped out. Could not eat and nausea. Ended up in the ER today to get fluids and pain relief  and some new nausea medicine. 

They say the first round is the worst I hope so

Also they are going to delay the vocal cord operation until they can coordinate with my chemo

Next chemo this Thursday 

March 6 2018 

OK so I go down today to Siteman to sign  the papers for this vaccine that has had great results. Well my doctor tells me the last biopsy shows the wrong kind of cells to use for that treatment …Surprise

So I start with Chemo tomorrow ounce a week for 3 weeks and then a week off

and repeat…till? The doc says they are coming up with new treatments all the time….so this is the worst news but there is still hope.


March 3rd 2018—Having a ct scan Monday We hope to start chemo Friday I wasn’t eligible for the pills using the dna. So the chemo is a little tougher It will last for 3 months one infusion every 3 weeks First week is the worst then each week I get a little stronger then it starts all over again 

After the the chemo…here is some good new finally  We start with a vaccine made for me only from my cancer cells She said they have had great success with this vaccine which I will take ounce a month until the cancer is gone…well they can’t guarantee that but it has happened.

I might lose more weight and some of my amazing hair but not all she said…oh well

Again I have an operation on my vocal cord March 16 which will help my voice.

Some days no drum practice ,some days an hour or so depending on my strength 

 I really enjoy getting  a text message now and then I have to do a lot of laying around

Thanks again to everyone for your concern

Feb 23 18 Having the biopsy Feb 28th in the morningThat will the;; us what kind treatment they can Do  

March 16th is the Vocal cord operation which should improve my speech

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